Technical requirements for submitted materials

Technical requirements for Participant material

1. Address block:
    - name of the organization (including form of ownership);
    - executive (full name and position);
    - registered and mailing addresses, including indexes;
    - contact person (full name);
    - contact phone and fax numbers (including city code);
    - social media pages (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LifeJournal, Moi Mir);
    - Skype, WhatsApp, Viber; 
    - email and original website addresses.

2. Article for posting in the section “Success Stories” (with photo and video);

3. Presentational article (no more than 2,500 printed characters, including spaces (DOC format)). 

4. Original logo 440х440 pixel size (PNG format).

5. Photo of the organization’s executive (no smaller than 440х440 pixels (JPG format)). 

6. Photos (no more than 3) no smaller than 440х440 pixels (JPG format).

7. Link to video presentation posted on YouTube.

8. Investment Passport (PDF format).

9. Investment projects and platforms (no more than 30).

10. Address of the direct link posted on the “HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!” portal, on the Participant’s original website.
11. Indicate the sections (no more than 3) of the Project Participants Catalog where your organization’s presentational page will be posted (by business area).