Terms of participation

Presentation opportunities of Sponsorship are discussed on an individual basis.

Participation in the project is unlimited.
Having concluded the agreement and paid the registration fee, you gain continuous access to your Personal Account on the international portal “HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!”, with the following presentation opportunities:

1. Official status of Participant of the International Internet Project “HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!”;

2. Access (login and password) to your Participant’s Personal Account on the portal;

3. Posting of a Participant’s article in the section “Success Stories” (with photo and video);

4. Placement of the Participant’s original logo on the portal’s pages;

5. Placement of the Participant’s contact information on the portal:
    - name of the organization;
    - executive (full name and position);
    - registered and mailing addresses, including indexes;
    - contact person (full name);
    - contact phone and fax numbers (including city code);
    - original logo;
    - links to the Participant’s social media pages (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LifeJournal, Moi Mir);
    - Skype, WhatsApp, Viber; 
    - email and original website addresses.

6. Posting of a presentational article about the Participant (up to 2,500 printed characters, including spaces in DOC format);

7. Manual translation (with proof-reading of the text by a native speaker) of the Participant’s page into three foreign languages (English, German and Chinese);

8. Posting of the director’s photo and up to any other 3 Participant photos;

9. Placement of the Participant’s video presentation;

10. Placement of the Investment Passport (for municipalities);

11. Placement of the Participant’s investment projects and platforms (not more than 30);

12. Opportunity for the monthly placement of up to 4 (four) news items (with photo and video);

13. Opportunity for the monthly placement of up to 4 (four) announcements (with photo and video);

14. Posting of a presentational article about the Participant (with photo and video) on the “HELPINVER – Discover the New Russia!” group newswire on VK (VKontakte): vk.com/rushelpinver;

15. Free toggling between the portal (direct link) and the Participant’s original website.

In order to register your participation and establish the required contractual relations, please send the following information to info@helpinver.com:
    - full name of the organization (including form of ownership);
    - registered address, including index;
    - full name of the organization’s executive, including position;
    - banking details;
    - administrative contact details (full name of the administrative assistant, telephone, email).


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