Kantemirovsky municipal district of Voronezh region

Head of administration: Pokusaev Vladimir Vasilyevich

Registered address: 17 Pobedy str., r.p. Kantemirovka, Kantemirovsky district, Voronezh region 396730 Russia

Mailing address: 17, Pobedy str., r.p. Kantemirovka, Kantemirovsky district, Voronezh region 396730 Russia

Contact person: Prokhorenko Olga Viktorovna

Phone: +7 (47367) 6-17-84

Fax: +7 (47367) 6-17-84

E-mail: kantem@govvrn.ru, 4444001@bk.ru

Website: adminknt.ru

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Kantemirovsky municipal district is located in the extreme South of the Voronezh region in the steppe zone. The territory is 2,348 square kilometers, the total population of 34,681 people. The district borders Bogucharsky and Rossoshansky districts of the Voronezh region, as well as the Rostov region and Ukraine. The administrative center is the working settlement Kantemirovka.

The favorable geographical location of the district has an extensive transport network. The total length of paved roads is 434.4 km. in 2015, the construction of the compressor station "Pisarevka" (to supply gas to the "Turkish stream") was completed, the construction of a new railway line in the direction of zhuravka – Millerovo bypassing Ukraine was started.

The leading role in the production activity of the Kantemirovsky district is occupied by agriculture. Financial and economic activities are carried out by more than 300 legal entities and 879 individual entrepreneurs, 14 agricultural enterprises, 139 peasant farms, 12.2 thousand personal subsidiary farms. The district produces: cereals, sunflower, sugar beet, milk, meat, and vegetable oil, bakery products, soft drinks, soybean meal, bentonite and shungite powders, devices for tractor harvesters, fertilizer spreaders, etc.

The mineral resource base is represented by natural resources, which are raw materials for the production of bricks, ceramic tiles, tiles.

In the area there are specially protected natural areas: the reserve "Steppe" and five natural monuments, which focus a rich collection of relict plants of scientific importance.

Priority areas of investment are projects in agriculture for the development of animal husbandry (construction of livestock complexes and dairy farms), construction of processing enterprises.

The administration of Kantemirovsky municipal district invites investors willing to participate in the socio-economic development of the district on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation.


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