LLC Naicha

Director: Dubinina Svetlana Stepanovna

Registered address: 10 Pobedy Street, Taranay village, Anivsky district, Sakhalin region 694033 Russia

Mailing address: 10 Pobedy Street, Taranay village, Anivsky district, Sakhalin region 694033 Russia

Contact person: Dubinina, Svetlana Stepanovna

Phone: +7 (4242) 44-38-47

Fax: +7 (4242) 44-38-47


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LLC Naicha is one of those small businesses that form the basis of coastal fishing in the Sakhalin Oblast. The southern coast of Sakhalin, more than 80 kilometers from the regional center of Aniva, in the south of the island, near the former village of Khvostovo, near the spawning river Naicha, is a fishing area and a mill of the enterprise, which owes their second birth to Sergey Filippovich Dubinin. On Nycha, where, incidentally, only wild salmon is found, the occupancy rate of spawning grounds is high. The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary in January 2016.

In the spring of 2000, the small enterprise Naicha, established in the winter of 1996, was on the brink of ruin. The turning point in his fate was 2001. With a limit of 100 tons, fishermen caught pink salmon 12 times more. Success was accompanied by skillful organization of labor, a bet on the human factor, personal authority S.F. Dubinin, as well as the decision of the administration of the city of Aniva and the regional Putin headquarters to fish on account of the general regional quotas. Since then, luck, which, as you know, loves the strong, does not leave the enterprise. Catches are growing, the prestige of the enterprise is growing, which is very persistent in achieving its goal.

Today, the labor collective of a small enterprise is one and a half dozen people. The mill of the enterprise cannot be recognized. On a deserted place in the past, next to the camp, a two-story warmed house, a kitchen, a dining room, a good bathhouse, rooms for tackle and technical equipment, and other outbuildings grew up. Naichi has a rather strong subsidiary farm: horses, hens, rabbits, of course, a dog guard. There is a tractor "Belarus" with attachments. There is a garden. The case for the local area is quite rare.

The production activities of the enterprise, its participation in the socio-economic life of the district were marked by an honorary diploma of the Sakhalin Regional Duma - for work for the benefit of the prosperity of the Sakhalin Region. In addition, “Naicha” became the winner of the regional competition “Philanthropist of the Year 2005” in the nomination “Children”.

But the most important thing is that the company laid the foundation for the building of a deep fish processing workshop. And not just to freeze gutted. Plans to produce deep processing products. There is a refrigerator for 300 tons. Land registration is nearing completion. Plans for its own production base, which only a few years ago Naic could only dream of, come true.

The decade of Naicha LLC was marked by several important events for the workforce: the company’s funds in Aniva overhaul the ambulance building. For these purposes, more than 600 thousand rubles have already been allocated. The company provides considerable sponsorship to a social shelter for children and adolescents and the regional nursing home. Funds are allocated for the development of physical education and sports in the region and the region, for holding city events, and helps schools and veterans. By the way, two of them are transferred every month for a thousand rubles, so necessary for maintaining health. The company contributes to the stabilization fund for the development of the Aniva district. In 2006, Naicha LLC became one of the winners of the Philanthropist of the Year competition.

They say charity is optimistic. This will undoubtedly help the management of LLC Naicha even more confidently ascend to the heights of a difficult fishing business.


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