LLC «Selection and seed company «PARTENOKARPIK-D»

General manager: Suchkova Lyubov Vasilyevna

Registered address: room 6, 35, 1st microdistrict, Moscow settlement, Moscow 108811 Russia

Mailing address: a/z 90, Leninsky district, Moscow region 142784 Russia

Contact person: Suchkova Lyubov Vasilyevna

Phone: +7 (916) 468-25-16; +7 (495) 841-87-20

Fax: +7 (495) 841-87-20



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The collective of breeders-seed growers of firm "Parthenocarpic-D" continued traditions of research Institute of vegetable economy under the leadership of the honored worker of science Professor Boris Vasilyevich Kvasnikov where since 1970 brought hybrids of parthenocarpic cucumber with which it was succeeded to replace purchases of seed material abroad for greenhouse combines of our country.

Since 1993, the Moscow region Selektsionno-seed-growing firm "Partenokarpik-D" managed by a leading breeder, the seed producer candidate of agricultural Sciences and longtime Director Lyubov Vasilyevna Suchkova successfully engaged in the creation, multiplication and implementation of hybrid cucumber parthenocarpic types (self-pollinating) for all types of structures and open ground. Breeders obtained a series of short-and medium-fruited hybrids with smooth and bumpy fruit surface and a high degree of parthenocarpy, which are suitable for cultivation at different planting times in the winter and spring rotation.

The goal of a firm is to preserve the scientific level of the breeding parthenocarpic cucumber in building a more promising hybrids.

One of the new directions is to obtain hybrids on a healthy substrate by conducting breeding to increase biologically active substances that prevent the development of various diseases in humans. Breeders try to take into account the demand of the population and the wishes of numerous customers who from year to year order familiar seeds and wait for new hybrids of cucumber, and receive environmentally friendly dietary products.

The firm "Partenokarpik-D" has more than 35 certificates of authorship and patents. Hybrids of the company have long been recognized at the world level, and the company itself was awarded a Certificate of European quality.

In addition, the company was awarded numerous gold medals and diplomas for a significant contribution to the development of the agro-industrial complex and repeated victory at various fairs and exhibitions for hybrids of cucumber breeding company "Partenocarpic-D".

We invite all interested companies to mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Let's develop together!


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