CJSC «Agrofirma Aprotek-Podgorenskaya»

General manager: Savchenko Ivan Tikhonovich

Registered address: 60 Pervomayskaya Street, r.p. Podgorensky, Voronezh region 396560 Russia

Mailing address: 60 Pervomayskaya Street, r.p. Podgorensky, Voronezh region 396560 Russia

Contact person: Savchenko Ivan Tikhonovich

Phone: +7 (47362) 2-56-85, 2-44-28

Fax: +7 (47362) 2-14-25, 2-50-48

E-mail: agrofirma@land.ru , niva@niva.vrn.ru

Website: aprotek.ru

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CJSC Agrofirma Aprotek-Podgorenskaya was founded in 2001. Today it is one of the largest enterprises of the Voronezh region. The area of farmland is 28472 hectares, including arable land 19676 hectares. 90% of the land is owned. The lands are located in the Podgorensky district on the picturesque right Bank of the don river.

Agrofirm is the absolute leader in the South of the Voronezh region in terms of crop production efficiency. In Russia, the company ranks 24th in sunflower cultivation, 49th in sugar beet... and in General, we are among the 300 best agricultural enterprises in the country every year (Club "AGRO-300"). The average annual production of grain is about 50 thousand tons, sugar beet-70 thousand tons, sunflower-12 thousand tons.

We are one of the best seed farms in the region for seeds of peas, winter wheat, barley and corn. The world-famous company " KWS " for 9 years! many years trust us to grow the seeds of their corn hybrids.

The enterprise is also engaged in cultivation of medicinal herbs (including milk Thistle), and since 2011 began production of potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions and other vegetables. In principle, we are ready to grow any crop products that can grow in the South of the Voronezh region under the customer's order.

The Agrofirm associates its future with the development of animal husbandry and investment in processing (see investment projects section). In particular, there are ambitious plans to create a large plant for deep processing of grain using waste as feed for animals and poultry. We are looking for partners to implement these plans as soon as possible. Our impeccable long-term credit history in the leading banks of the country, high reputation in business circles, as well as modern management allow us to count on a positive result of our searches.

The second direction, which is planned to be implemented, is the supply of environmentally friendly food from our fields and farms directly to commercial enterprises in Moscow.

The hallmark of the agricultural Firm is decency in relations with partners. This example of long-term cooperation with " KWS " is the first confirmation of this. Heads of the solid firms rendering services in cleaning of grain crops, such as "MTS-agro" (tel. / Fax: (4742) 77-96-76), LLC MTS Dominator (tel. / Fax: (0872)24-55-44), many buyers of seeds made by us also for certain noticed this characteristic feature.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to carefully consider any proposals. We are waiting for you, dear colleagues. Together we will feed our country!


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