JSC «Bikor»

General manager: Neifeld Yuri Rudolfovich

Registered address: New Zaimka, 1-3 km West of the Village, Zavodoukovsky district, Tyumenskaya oblast 627111 Russia

Mailing address: New Zaimka, 1-3 km West of the Village, Zavodoukovsky district, Tyumenskaya oblast 627111 Russia

Contact person: Brovkina Valentina Vladimirovna

Phone: +7 (34542) 9-00-10

Fax: +7 (34542) 2-15-57

E-mail: kkzbikor@rambler.ru

Website: kkz-bikor.ru

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In 1993, on the initiative of the administration of the Zavodoukovsky district with the support Of the administration of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, represented by the Governor Filipenko A.V., a contract was signed with the German company "Schmidt-Ankum" on the construction of a feed mill that could provide the district and the district with full-fledged feed. The construction of the plant lasted 19 months, November 5, 1995 can be considered the birthday of the feed mill "Bikor" - it was on this day that the first batch appeared.

On February 28, 1996, the district state unitary enterprise of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug "Bikor" was registered in the administration of Zavodoukovsky district, which became the only multi-component feed plant in the region. In 2001, the company was transformed into an open joint stock company "Bikor", and a year later the Board of Directors of the company elected a new General Director of the plant — neifeld Yuri Rudolfovich.

Y. R. Neufeld graduated from the Omsk agricultural Institute named after S. M. Kirov with the qualification of engineer-mechanic, chief engineer of the sovkhoz imeni 50-letiya SSSR, then engineer of the plant "Bikor".

In 2002, it was decided to modernize the technological line of the plant. Three years were put into operation new objects: premix line, finished products warehouse, line supply of limestone, the soft warehouse of raw materials, which have no analogues in Russia, receptor grain and meal, and weight train stalled with a length of 600 metres. During the period of operation of the enterprise there was a stable team of workers and specialists: the number of employees reaches 90 people.

Feed mill "Bikor" became the first enterprise for processing of raw materials of local production and for ten years of activity proved as the stable, promptly developing producer of the big range of qualitative compound feeds. The company produces feed of all types: poultry, pigs, cattle, fish. Today the plant is the main supplier of production in farms of KHMAO-Yugra (JSC Nizhnevartovsk poultry farm, SGMUSKHP "Northern", MUSKHP "Surgut" and others), in farms of Zavodoukovsky district of the Tyumen region. The main consumer is CJSC "Poultry farm "Borovskaya" (90 % of the total production).

One of the reasons of popularity of compound feeds of JSC Bikor among consumers is use of recipes of creation of production which formula is offered by customers. This service allows the consumer to fully control the state of the organism of the Pets of their farms.

The company provides sponsorship and charitable assistance to a school, kindergartens, continuously provides financial support to the football team of regional DYUSSH.


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