JSC «Plemzavod Oktyabrsky»

General manager: Shmargun Alexander Vasilyevich

Registered address: p. October, Ferzikovsky district, Kaluga region 249802 Russia

Mailing address: p. October, Ferzikovsky district, Kaluga region 249802 Russia

Contact person: Shmargun Alexander Vasilyevich

Phone: +7 (48437) 53-828, 53-841, 53- 633

Fax: +7 (48437) 53-828

E-mail: okmilk_kaluga@mail.ru

Website: okmilk.ru

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JSC "Plemzavod Oktyabrsky" Ferzikov district - one of the largest agricultural enterprises of the Kaluga region, specializes in the production and processing of natural whole milk and the sale of breeding cattle. All dairy products manufactured by our company, which is more than ten names, consists only of natural milk, without the addition of preservatives, dyes and substitutes.

To date, the agricultural Enterprise has the status of a breeding farm for the black-and-white breed. For the organization of effective work, new decisions of further development were adopted, which include three main directions: improving the quality of milk and increasing production volumes, reducing costs through the organization of a closed production cycle (production of raw milk, milk processing, sales of own products), expanding the market for dairy products.

The basis of the work of the farm is to conduct in-depth breeding work aimed at increasing milk productivity, increasing fat in milk, live weight, improving the exterior of animals, reducing feed costs for production, increasing the productive longevity of cows, etc.the Above tasks are performed by crossing the black-and-white breed with the black-and-white Holstein breed. The total number of bred purebred cattle of different groups on the complex is more than 2643 heads, including 1200 heads of breeding stock. The average milk yield per forage head was 6307 kg, the fat content in milk was 3.80%, the protein content in milk was 3.00%. The yield of live calves from 100 cows is equal to 84 heads, the average daily growth of young animals is 754 gr. In order to improve the quality and economy of milk production since 2011, the system of keeping and feeding farm animals has been changed, namely, a flow-shop system of milk production, the distribution of all animals in four production and technological shops (yards) depending on the physiological state and level of productivity of cows has been introduced. For each group, complete, balanced, cost-effective animal feeding rations are compiled. From the total herd of dairy animals, a breeding core of more than 250 heads with the highest productivity of 7200 kg was allocated.

As a result of participation in the exhibitions "Kaluga autumn" for the last 3 years on livestock breeding 2010-2012., on development of dairy cattle 2012-2013. JSC "Plemzavod Oktyabrsky" is recognized as the best agricultural organization of the Kaluga region on livestock breeding and awarded a commemorative medal with a Diploma. This is a great merit of the entire staff of the enterprise and its head-General Director A.V. Shmargun, as well as competent and effective investor policy. In addition, with the direct support of investors and the district administration, the management of the enterprise solves issues on the construction of a local temple, the purchase of housing for our specialists.


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