Charity Fund «Mercy»

Foundation President: Efanov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Registered address: Building 1, 23, Trubnaya Street, Moscow 127051 Russia

Mailing address: Building 1, 23, Trubnaya Street, Moscow 127051 Russia

Contact person: Efanov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Phone: +7(495) 722-64-09; +7(903) 533-82-62

Fax: +7 (495) 621-42-85



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Charity Fund "Mercy" was founded on September 28, 2006, The main task of the Fund is to provide targeted assistance to orphans and disabled children in orphanages in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia. More than 4000 children from 37 institutions are under our care and this list is growing.

The main activity of the charity Fund "Mercy" includes several areas:
  • Social support and protection of orphans;
  • Social support and protection of children with disabilities;
  • Social rehabilitation of low-income children, children with disabilities and other persons who due to their physical or intellectual characteristics, other circumstances are not able to exercise their rights and legitimate interests;
  • Social assistance to orphanages.
Foundation project:
  • The project "My world without wars and terror" is an Association of talented children, representatives of different diasporas.
  • Project "harlequin" - performance of circus artists in orphanages.
  • Annual competitions "Russia business through the eyes of children".
  • Help gifted children.
  • Help children's creative workshop "Carousel".
  • Assistance to Suvorov (orphans whose parents died in the line of duty), orphanages and Orthodox orphanages for children.
  • Help in the revival of Temples.
  • Museum and exhibition activities.


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