Charity Foundation «Russian Birch»

Fund chairman: Garnaeva Oksana Mikhailovna

Registered address: sq. 154, 6, Latskova Street, Zhukovsky, Moscow region 140188 Russia

Mailing address: Office 19, 85, Gagarina Street, Zhukovsky, Moscow region 140188 Russia

Contact person: Garnaeva Oksana Mikhailovna

Phone: +7 (495) 107-73-44

Fax: +7 (495) 107-73-44



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The charitable Foundation "Russian Birch" officially started its activities on June 15, 2005. The initiator of the Foundation was Oksana Mikhailovna Garnaeva, a mother with many children, granddaughter of the Hero of the Soviet Union Yu. a. Garnaev, whose name the Foundation is named after. Every month, more than 1,000 poor families with more than 5,000 children, ten orphanages, dozens of churches and monasteries in need of restoration, more than two hundred prisoners receive constant support from the Fund, and the number of those being cared for increases every day. The main objectives of the Fund are to provide material and other types of social assistance to the above social categories of the needy, to attract the attention of the public and the business community to the problems of orphans, poor citizens and families, to provide spiritual, psychological and legal assistance, to develop effective forms and methods of work with the needy.

Operational management of the Fund is carried out by the Chairman of the Fund Oksana Mikhailovna Garnaeva.

Priorities of the Fund:

  • providing targeted financial assistance with food, food, shoes, clothes, toys, musical instruments, sports equipment, office equipment, school and writing materials, necessary household items, etc.
  • provision of material assistance in payment for medical services, assistance with medicines;
  • providing spiritual, psychological and legal assistance to the wards of the Foundation;
  • providing material assistance for the restoration and construction of Orthodox churches; free distribution of spiritual and Orthodox literature;
  • provision of spiritual and material assistance to persons serving sentences in places of deprivation of liberty;
  • organization of social assistance at home for lonely elderly and disabled people.

In order to achieve the goals of its activities the Fund has created:

  • The only house of Mercy in the Moscow region for temporary stay of single mothers/fathers with children, crisis pregnant women, graduates of orphanages and boarding schools and other categories of people in need.
  • All funds collected as a result of its activities are used to achieve the goals and objectives of the charity program of the Fund.
  • Within the framework of the "Return" project, a service of the Fund's attorneys in the regions of the wards ' residence was established to provide assistance on the ground.
  • Within the framework of the project "a Little man in a big city", home help for lonely elderly and disabled people is organized.


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