The charity Fund of rescue of seriously ill children «life Line»

President of fund: Zakharova Faina Mikhailovna

Registered address: 16 Malaya Dmitrovka, Moscow 127006 Russia

Mailing address: 16 Malaya Dmitrovka, Moscow 127006 Russia

Contact person: Polyakova Natalia Igorevna

Phone: +7 (499) 500-14-15

Fax: +7 (499) 500-14-15



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About the fund

On June 1, 2004, Lifeline, a charity program to save seriously ill children, was established. The successful experience of international organizations working in the field of health care and charity was used in the development of the program. Since 2008, the program has acquired the status of a Foundation.

Purpose of fund

The purpose of the "Lifeline" Fund is to reduce child mortality rates from serious diseases, curable at the current level of development of medicine.

The Fund's position

The position of the life Line Foundation is to awaken in people the desire to become participants in charitable projects. We do not build our activities on sad stories, do not try to put pressure on pity. We strive to raise funds as positively as possible, and we are sure that good deeds should be done with a smile on your face and a good mood. It is important to make sure that everyone, regardless of their financial situation and age, has the opportunity to help. There are no small donations. The desire to help is significant.

Mission of the Foundation

The mission of the charitable Foundation "Lifeline" is to save seriously ill children and form a culture of charity in Russia.

The Foundation funds treatment for children across the country. To date, the charity Fund for seriously ill children "Lifeline" has saved more than 9508 children across Russia. All the money coming to the "life Line" is used only for the treatment of children.


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