Russian public charity Fund of veterans (pensioners) of war, labor and Armed Forces

Chairman Foundation: Raid Innocent Innokentievich

Registered address: 50/52 Shcherbakovskaya str., Moscow 105187 Russia

Mailing address: 50/52 Shcherbakovskaya str., Moscow 105187 Russia

Contact person: Raid Innocent Innokentievich

Phone: +7 (499) 369-79-59, 369-79-57



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The Foundation was established on March 27, 1992 as an all-Russian public charitable organization.

Over the years, it has established itself as an effective charity organization, taking a feasible part in solving the problems of improving the lives of elderly people in need. The Fund has 48 structural divisions in the regions of Russia. Many branches and representative offices work highly efficiently, annually provide charitable assistance for many millions of rubles. The Foundation cooperates with Central and local governments, veterans ' organizations.

Work is underway in many areas. The priority of the program:
  • allocation of one-time financial assistance to veterans (pensioners) of war, labor, families of fallen servicemen who find themselves in a difficult financial situation;
  • rehabilitation of older people in special holiday homes;
  • assistance to pensioners in improving health care;honoring veterans on significant dates;
  • organization of meetings of fellow soldiers, veterans of labor on professional interests;
  • patronage of homes for the elderly and disabled, hospitals of war veterans;
  • spiritual support of veterans, free attendance of theatrical performances, concerts, organization of meetings with artists, etc..

Charity events are held mainly at the expense of own funds earned by commercial activities and the help of several sponsors.

Thousands of veterans and pensioners receive unselfish assistance from the Fund every year. In charitable activities, preference is given to targeted one-time assistance to veterans who have fallen into extreme life situations. Every month the Foundation receives numerous thanks from veterans for material and spiritual support.

The Foundation, together with cultural institutions and creative unions annually holds more than 600 charitable cultural events in the leading theaters of Moscow, including the Bolshoi theater and the Moscow art theatre.

From year to year, the Foundation increases the volume of charitable assistance for events dedicated to significant dates.

At the same time, our charitable activities cover only a small part of the needs of veterans. The Fund is in great need of financial and other material support, including from state organizations.

We hope that Internet users will find an opportunity and financially support the charitable activities of the Foundation. We have no doubt that the older generation will appreciate Your care.

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