Director general: Gennady Fedorov

Registered address: Komsomolsky Prospekt, 7/3, p. 2, Moscow 119146 Russia

Mailing address: Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya str., 24A, p. 2, Moscow 107553 Russia

Phone: +7 (499) 504-16-50 доб. 5

Fax: +7 (499) 504-16-50



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INOTEK has been successfully operating in the information technology market since 1992. At present, INOTEC information systems are used by companies of different spheres of activity and levels in Russia: from private entrepreneurs to holding companies of all-Russian scale, from small representative offices of foreign companies to the main enterprises of production holdings.

Main activities of the company:

development and implementation of information systems for accounting and tax accounting;
development and implementation of management accounting systems in accordance with IFRS (GAAP, IAS);
development of high-quality custom software;
maintenance and support for users of INOTEC family programs;
development and support of corporate websites of companies;
the provision of services on conducting accounting and tax accounting.

The company always uses a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of each client, and the high professionalism of its employees allows us to efficiently solve almost any of the tasks set for business automation.

INOTEC has developed and for many years successfully implemented a unique program for parallel accounting under Russian law and management accounting under international financial reporting standards - Inotec Accountant Western. In 1999, the company received the status of Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, and in 2001-the status of Microsoft Certified Partner, which has been maintained for many years.

Within the framework of small business support, The inotek Businessman Professional accounting system has been developed, and additional related services for accounting and business automation are provided. Designing, developing and implementing software according to individual requirements allows us to take into account the unique features of our clients ' business.

We are ready to use our knowledge and many years of experience to solve problems of accounting automation and support the information component of Your business. We invite interested companies to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.


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Премия Рунета - 2022

«А главное все-таки: люби, люби и люби свое отечество. Ибо любовь эта даст тебе силу, и все остальное без труда совершишь.»

Салтыков-Щедрин М.Е.


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