Housing funded cooperative «TRIUMF - NK»

CEO: Anisimova Valentina Mikhailovna

Registered address: Apt. 44, 57, pr. Khimikov, Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan 423570 Russia

Mailing address: Apt. 44, 57, pr. Khimikov, Nizhnekamsk, Republic of Tatarstan 423570 Russia

Contact person: Yamaleeva Ekaterina Igorevna

Phone: +7 (8555) 30-80-90, 42-20-26

Fax: +7 (8555) 30-80-23

E-mail: triumf.2004@mail.ru

Website: triumfnk.ru

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The housing accumulative cooperative “TRIUMF - NK” - has been operating since 2004, this is one of the ways to purchase an apartment for low-income categories of citizens - a solution to the housing problem for poor people.

10 basic principles of work:

  • mortgage 6%;
  • you can move in and live in the apartment by paying only half the cost of housing;
  • in case of withdrawal from the cooperative, the entire amount of the share contribution is paid;
  • we work with maternity capital;
  • you can transfer the share to another member of the cooperative or to a third party;
  • we buy apartments in any city in Russia;
  • low entry fee;
  • for joining a cooperative, a passport and TIN are sufficient;
  • no guarantee of guarantors and statements of income are required;
  • no collateral needed.

8 offices were opened in the cities:

  • Nizhnekamsk ave. Khimikov, house 57, tel: (8555) 30-80-90;
  • Nizhnekamsk st. 1, Byzova St., tel .: (8555) 41-13-40;
  • Naberezhnye Chelny, hydroelectric power station, building of Kamsnab OJSC, tel .: (8552) 36-88-11, 71-00-44;
  • Naberezhnye Chelny New Town, 4927, opposite Gorgaz, tel .: (8552) 32-09-09;
  • Almetyevsk Str. Gagarina, 3, tel .: (8553) 45-33-89;
  • Leninogorsk, Leningradskaya St., 39, tel .: (85595) 5-54-44;
  • Samara, Avrora St., 120, tel .: (846) 243-80-80, 244-80-10;
  • Kazan city Levobulachnaya, 56, office 22, tel .: (843) 293-62-30, 214-68-51.

The strategic plan for the development of the cooperative remains the expansion of the geography of activity and the opening of new additional offices in Russia.

The priority areas of activity remain:

  • providing affordable housing to the population;
  • the possibility of acquiring housing in various cities of Russia;
  • charitable assistance and participation in socially significant projects.

We create and implement unique solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding customer with a very different level of material wealth.



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