LLC «Krasnodar regional center of homeopathy»

General Director, Professor, Doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences: Korvyakova Olga Aleksandrovna

Registered address: 28, Krasnaya str., Krasnodar 350063 Russia

Mailing address: 28, Krasnaya str., Krasnodar 350063 Russia

Contact person: Korvyakova Olga Aleksandrovna

Phone: +7 (861) 267-13-54, 268-13-92, 278-03-83, 278-03-84, 278-03-85

Fax: +7 (861) 267-13-54



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The limited liability company "Krasnodar regional center of homeopathy" was created on the basis of the Resolution of the head of the government of Krasnodar Krai No. 21 of 13.01.1992.

The founder of the Center is doctor of pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, honored health worker of Kuban, winner of numerous Russian and international awards Olga Korvyakova.

The center became the organization that rallied homeopathic enthusiasts around itself and thanks to which the homeopathic method of treatment became so widespread in the Kuban. Today it is one of the leading homeopathic Centers in Russia. Krasnodar regional center of homeopathy is well known both in Russia and abroad as a manufacturer of high-quality homeopathic medicines. The production Department of the enterprise produces homeopathic monopreparations in all dilutions, all of them are prepared only by hand.

In addition to monopreparations, more than 120 homeopathic complex medicines are produced for the treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic diseases. The quality of manufactured drugs is known far beyond the Krasnodar region and is not inferior to imported analogues, and the cost of drugs is much lower.

Homeopathic service of the region includes: LLC "Krasnodar regional center of homeopathy", LLC "Regional homeopathic pharmacy No. 91", pharmacy "Vitex", VIP-pharmacy "Great Catherine" and "St. Catherine", Polyclinic Department equipped with modern diagnostic equipment.

Constant research and educational work in the field of homeopathy, popularization of treatment with homeopathic drugs allow the company to be at the forefront of Russian homeopathy. The center operates in close contact with the Ministry of health and social development of the Russian Federation, the administration of Krasnodar region and the administration of Krasnodar.

The homeopathic Center has extensive foreign contacts, is a member of the International medical homeopathic League. The quality of produced homeopathic medicines was noted by the American company Financial result, awarding the annual award "American gold certificate for high quality of goods and services" (Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2003).

The center is also honored:

  • gold medal of the Association for the promotion of national industry (SPI) (Paris, France, 2005);
  • gold medal "European quality" (St. Petersburg, 2006);
  • international awards of the European business Assembly- "the Best enterprise in Europe" for professional services and personal contribution to the intellectual development of the modern world. (Oxford, UK, 2009);
  • international awards of the international Congress of Industrialists and entrepreneurs "Millennium" for the development and effective use in the professional sphere of modern technologies, development and implementation of innovative solutions. (2011).



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