JSC «Medical center R. P. Askerkhanova»

Director general: Askerkhanov Gamid Rashidovich

Registered address: Kazbekov str., «142 a», Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan 367009 Russia

Mailing address: Kazbekov str., «142 a», Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan 367009 Russia

Phone: +7 (8722) 51-58-99

Fax: +7 (8722) 51-59-18

E-mail: info@askerkhanov.ru

Website: askerkhanov.ru

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Medical center.R. P. Askerkhanova was opened in 2002 on the basis of an open joint-stock company and is named after an outstanding scientist, surgeon and public figure corresponding member of the USSR Academy of medical Sciences, honored scientist of the Russian Federation and RD, Professor Rashid Pashaevich Askerkhanov.

Medical center. R. p. Askerkhanova is one of the first non-state subjects of Russian health care in the southern Federal district, created not on leased areas of Republican or municipal property, but having its own medical base. At present, after the construction is completed, there is a polyclinic with 250 visits per shift and a hospital with 100 beds.

The construction of the center was carried out at the European level. Operating rooms, resuscitation rooms are equipped with" clean rooms " with centralized ventilation, air conditioning, supply of medical gases and vacuum, equipped with the most modern equipment. All conditions for effective treatment and comfortable stay of patients are created in single, double and triple wards. The center has its own modern diagnostic base, which makes it possible to conduct a full examination of patients almost without resorting to the services of other medical institutions.

In terms of modern medical equipment, MCA is rightfully among the best non-state medical institutions in Russia.

The main focus of medical work is cardiovascular, abdominal, thoracic, General, endoscopic and aesthetic surgery, urology, gynecology, orthopedics and traumatology.

Despite the fact that the priority profile of the work is surgical, the center successfully treats and examines patients with a cardiological, neurological and General therapeutic profile.

The efforts of the MCA team restored health and joy of life to thousands of patients, and hundreds of complex operations were successfully performed, including on the heart, large vessels, lungs and abdominal organs.

Over the years, more than 200,000 patients have come to the center for medical care and received inpatient treatment for more than 6,000 patients, of which about 2,500 have been operated on.

In the future, the staff of the medical center will develop high-tech and expensive methods of diagnosis and treatment in addition to expanding public medical services.⁠


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