School of Causality

Scientific leader: Vasily Pavlovich Goch

Registered address: 7 Akademika Vinogradova St., Moscow 117133 Russia

Mailing address: 83 Leninsky Ave., Apt. 19, Moscow 119261 Russia

Contact person: Oksana Nikolayevna Svichenskaya

Phone: + 7 (903) 210-41-54



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1. The philosophical course, based on the knowledge of the causal aspects of Totality.

2. The philosophical course of Totality and Methodology of Causality, which are used officially by the registered Centers of Study of Causality.

Primary type of activity: Research and development in the field of natural and social sciences.

School began its work on August 10, 1991 in Sevastopol.

The scientific leader of the School of Causality is V.P. Goch.

The School of Causality is creating a new science, based on the study the Universe as a Totality. A Non-Classical Total Science (NTS) has been developed, in which the transformation of the scientific universe on the bases of Totality creates the requisite conditions and forms the Path of transition of humanity into a New Being. The School has combined people striving towards Creativity.

The products of the Methodology of Causality are:

  • New science — permits seeing the depth of being and the processes in it.
  • Good — harmonization of one’s being.
  • Health — possibility of constantly maintaining high creative activity and working capacity.
  • Talents — disclosing established talents and developing new ones.

School Experts:

  • provide instruction in the form of lectures for the public on technologies of health and harmonization of relationships;
  • teach a health-improving set of exercises “Style of Breathing” based on the Book of Strength by V.P. Goch;
  • perform work on diagnosis and elimination of geopathogenic zones in the space of human active life;
  • consult on improving energy-informational characteristics and properties of space;
  • conduct psychological consultations, individual discussions, using the Goch Method of work in Cause;
  • consult on issues of business optimization.

The practical application of the Methodology of Causality:

  • Improving the nation. Saving state resources for healthcare: people who master the Methodology of Causality are healthier, they go to the doctor less often.
  • Establishing a new person, a creative person.
  • Forming consciousness as a social tool.
  • Disclosing business as a service.
  • Solving environmental problems. Harmonization of problematic sections of roads and geopathogenic zones.

Scientific achievements of the School of Causality:

  • 1,170 scientific papers, including: 90 patents for inventions and useful models in the field of medicine, biology and psychology, 92 Certificates of Authorship and 158 monographs published in 10 languages.
  • 9 Grand Prix, 270 Gold, 70 Silver and 44 Bronze Medals and 68 Special Prizes at 117 International Exhibitions of Innovations, Research and New Technologies.


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