International educational consortium "Dialog-Lingua"

President of international educational consortium Dialog-Lingua, PhD, MBA: Liudmila V. Zhuravleva

Registered address: 16 Yartsevskaya Street, Moscow 121135 Russia

Mailing address: Of. 20, 3 Universitetskaya Street, Surgut, Khanty-Mansy autonomous district - Ugra, Tyumenskaya oblast 628403 Russia

Contact person: Liudmila V. Zhuravleva

Phone: +7 (982) 413-80-40



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Have you ever dreamt of a future when the world is conflict free - when people learn to agree with each other on basis of mutual respect and understanding? We teachers, specialists and students of the International Educational Consortium sincerely dream about this. We believe great effort should be made in order to enable our children who live in different countries, who will be leaders of tomorrow to learn to establish dialogue as equals.

In our education consortium, we strive to promote the idea of a better world and a peaceful future, through establishment of national identity, humanitarian development and intercultural dialogue.

We focus on providing children from all parts of the world with cross-cultural education and experience to help them shape a peaceful future.

We hereby seek your collaboration in establishing a platform and an avenue for friendly intercultural education for our children.

  • Let's develop international projects by bringing together our students through the medium of English Language, German, French, Korean and Chinese
  • Let us join effort and resources to achieve productive and fruitful projects

Our investment for the Future

We are an international Education Consortium with a number of sub divisions around Russia and in the UK. We provide education from the early ages in foreign languages. We create a Friendly environment for foreign language education, Humanitarian skills development, and Intercultural dialogue.

We help develop civil education and cultural awareness, integration skills, professional skills and experience, in order raise a creative generation.

Some of the professional skills include: communication, negotiation, adaptation, decision-making, leadership and team playing.

Through the combination of a Systematic approach, Lesson curricula, Outdoor events, and Educational trips within Russian and abroad, we achieve the above mentioned goals.

The world is your class room - LIVE, TRAVEL and LEARN

By inviting foreign delegates to experience and learn about the Russian values, we promot respect and friendship between our local students and foreign participants.

Some of our resources include ; Education Centers, sub divisions, modern classrooms, Comfortable Stay and Study House in England, Scientific know-how and vast experience of our academics.

For over two decades, Dialogue-Lingua is proud to have helped 50,000 students during their educational journeys, and our alumni have proven to be competent in their fields of specialization.


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Премия Рунета - 2022

«А главное все-таки: люби, люби и люби свое отечество. Ибо любовь эта даст тебе силу, и все остальное без труда совершишь.»

Салтыков-Щедрин М.Е.


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