Gryazovetsky municipal district of Vologda oblastvologodskoy-oblasti

The head of the district-the Chairman of the Zemstvo Assembly: Sergey Feklichev

Registered address: 58, Karl Marx street, Gryazovets, Vologda region, 162000, Russia

Mailing address: 58, Karl Marx street, Gryazovets, Vologda region, 162000, Russia

Contact person: Shakhova Svetlana Ivanovna

Phone: +7 (81755) 2-12-49

Fax: +7 (81755) 2-18-44



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Gryazovetsky district is located in the southern part of the Vologda region. The district center - Gryazovets, is 44 km from the regional center of Vologda and 450 km from Moscow.

In the area of developed transport infrastructure:

  • Federal highway M-8 "Kholmogory" Moscow-Arkhangelsk;
  • a wide network of roads of regional and local importance with a total length of 1222.3 km;
  • Northern railway, linking Moscow with Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg with the Urals.

Gryazovetsky municipal district consists of 7 municipalities: two urban and five rural.

Distance Gryazovets from major cities of Russia: St. Petersburg - 706 km, Kostroma - 226 km, Yaroslavl - 147 km.


Land resources
Area 502,5 thousand hectares

Forest resources
Area 381,8 thousand hectares (76% of the district), of which 207,6 thousand hectares-forest land (wood reserves in the amount of 80,2 million cubic meters). The estimated cutting area allows to harvest 1.3 million m3 of wood annually without damage to nature.

Water resources management
Lake Nikolskoye-shallow, with a surface area of 11 sq. km; 66 rivers and rivulets, including rivers-Lezha, Obnora, Komela, Monza, SOT, Senga-shallow, 10-25 m wide.

Mineral resource
On the territory of gryazovetsky municipal district 31 mineral deposits, of which:

  • 12 sand deposits with reserves-8686 thousand m3
  • 6 deposits of sand and gravel materials, with reserves-3298 thousand m3
  • 4 deposits of brick clays (cover loams, which are the main source of fusible raw materials), with reserves-6390 thousand m3
  • 7 peat deposits with reserves-32382 thousand tons
  • 1 sapropel Deposit, with reserves-172 thousand tons
  • 1 Deposit of glass Sands, with reserves-6906 thousand m3

Resources of hunting and commercial animals
The area of hunting grounds is 492.7 thousand the forests there are birds and animals: hare, Fox, squirrel, marten, capercaillie, black grouse, elk, wild boar, bear.


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