Soskovsky municipal district of Orel region

District head: Silkin Roman Mikhailovich

Registered address: 29, Sovetskaya str., s. Soskovo, Soskovsky district, Oryol region 303980 Russia

Mailing address: 29, Sovetskaya str., s. Soskovo, Soskovsky district, Oryol region 303980 Russia

Contact person: Sudarikov Vladimir Nikolaevich

Phone: +7 (48665) 2-11-28

Fax: +7 (48665) 2-11-28



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Soskovsky district is located in the forest-steppe southwestern part of the Oryol region. The territory of the district is a hilly hill, rugged by river valleys, ravines, gullies, ravines. Beautiful ("red") nature, the alternation of forests with cultivated arable lands - are allegorically reflected in the coat of arms of the region by alternating green and red colors.

The regional center - the village of Soskovo has more than 2000 people. There are seven rural settlements and 82 rural settlements in the district. The number of employees is more than 800 people.
Soskovsky district is agricultural, is engaged in the cultivation of grain crops, livestock. Residents of the district are proud not only of labor victories, but also of their guest hospitality, reflected in the coat of arms of the district with traditional "bread and salt" - a symbol of cordiality and goodwill. Baked from grain grown by toilers of the village, a loaf according to Russian tradition is handed along with a salt shaker and a towel to guests.

The towel and shield box are decorated with squares, with a cross made of small squares. This pattern is an allegory of cross stitch with red threads on a white canvas. Embroidery is one of the most ancient and traditional types of folk art in the Oryol region. An ancient tradition is still preserved - to embroider festive and elegant towels, decorate them with knitted lace, complex and beautiful patterns. 7 squares in each row of the shield and towels symbolize 7 rural settlements that make up a single area.

The total land area is 55.5 thousand ha, including farmland 48 thousand ha, arable land 34.5 thousand ha.

The cattle stock is more than 1000 heads, pigs - more than 2000 heads.

In the district there are two enterprises of housing and communal services.

The total length of roads in the district is 180 km., Of which 108 km are paved. An asphalt plant was built seven years ago on the territory of the district, which for several years does not work when there is an urgent need for road repair work.

About 200 individual entrepreneurs are currently registered in the district.

Soskovsky district is a territory where new industrial and agricultural enterprises can be located. The availability of communications, labor, undeveloped land provides unlimited opportunities for attracting investment projects, and the assistance of the district administrations contributes to their successful solution.

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