Vedensky Municipal District of the Chechen Republic

Administration Head: Nurdi Validovich Akhiyadov

Registered address: S. Ordzhonikidze St., Village of Vedeno, Vedensky District, Chechen Republic, 366337, Russian Federation

Mailing address: A.A. Kadyrova St., Village of Vedeno, Vedensky District, Chechen Republic, 366337, Russian Federation

Contact person: Razhap Isaevich Magomadov

Phone: +7 (87134) 2-22-11

Fax: +7 (87134) 2-22-11



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Vedensky District is located in the mountainous part of the Chechen Republic. It borders Shalinsky District in the north, Dagestan in the east, Shatoysky District in the west and the Sharo-Argun river in the south. The length of the territory from west to east is 60 km, from north to south – 40 km. The total area of the district is 956 km².

The center of the district is the Village of Vedeno, founded in 1859 when General N.I. Evdokimov served here. The distance to the City of Grozny is 64 km. There are 19 administrations of rural settlements located in the territory of Vedensky District. The population of the district is about 40,000 people.

Lake Kezenoy-Am is considered one of the district’s main attractions. It is the biggest lake in the North Caucasus and the only lake at an elevation of 1,870 meters above sea level; it is 72 meters deep. In terms of its dimensions and elevation above sea level, the lake is on par with the Blue Lakes in Kabardino-Balkaria and Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia. The canoe sports camp of the USSR Olympic team was based here.

There is an amazing natural sight in the Village of Kharachoy — the Girl’s Braid. This is the name given to the spring flowing down the mountain slope and quickly running along the groove made by the spring’s salt deposits. You can stand here for hours and enjoy the playful murmur of the spring.

Khedi Kishieva’s Ziarat (Shrine) is located in the Village of Ertan in Vedensky District. She was the mother of Sheikh Kunta Hadji Kishiev. Today, her Ziarat is visited by thousands of pilgrims. Many of them come on foot.

The linden park in the Village of Vedeno was laid out nearly 150 years ago. Historians and experts in local lore, history and economy say that the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy loved to walk along the park’s lanes.

Vedensky District is environmentally pristine and its climate is mild. The unique landscapes, lush forests, mountain rivers, springs, numerous historical, architectural and cultural monuments and landmarks create all of the conditions needed for various kinds of excursion-and-educational, sports-and-wellness, and historical-cultural tourism.

Construction of the Kezenoy International Sports Complex confirms that the investment climate in the district is truly attractive. The availability of labour resources, unoccupied land, a gas main, power lines, roads, and landline and mobile telephone communications are also favourable for the sustainable socio-economic development of the district.

The administration of the district has applied to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Chechen Republic to create a special tourist and recreation economic zone here.


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