St. Petersburg

Governor of St.Petersburg: Beglov Alexander Dmitrievich

Registered address: Smolny, 6th entrance, St. Petersburg 191060 Russia

Mailing address: Smolny, 6th entrance, St. Petersburg 191060 Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 576-60-41; +7 (812) 576-72-98

Fax: +7 (812) 576‑60‑81



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St. Petersburg is one of the largest industrial, transport, scientific, educational, cultural, tourist and administrative centers of Russia and Europe. Every year, the city increases indicators of economic development, the state of the urban environment and investment attractiveness.

In St. Petersburg, there is a system of preferences for investors, which is constantly being improved, taking into account the new needs of the business community and the changing macroeconomic situation.

One of the key mechanisms to support investment activity is the assignment of the status of a strategic investment project of St. Petersburg to the projects most significant for the city from a socio-economic point of view.

Also in St. Petersburg, a set of tax incentives is available to all investors. Depending on the industry, personnel, investment volume:

Today, 30% of investments in the country's economy are made up of five non-commodity Russian regions, and the Northern capital is one of them. The city has unique competencies in implementing large-scale and complex projects. There is a comprehensive system of providing incentives and preferences for investors. Achievements and successes of St. Petersburg are confirmed by 4th place in the National rating of the investment climate.

The Government of St. Petersburg is ready to actively engage in dialogue and assist the business community. Such a dialogue becomes especially relevant in connection with recent amendments to the Tax Code, which abolish the right of entities to establish reduced income tax rates. We will seek such changes at the federal level so that earlier decisions to support investors are not reviewed. Under the new conditions, we will look for opportunities to use other forms of preferences, including investment tax deductions and regional investment projects. The costs of doing business in St. Petersburg will be reduced.

St. Petersburg is one of the three largest scientific and educational centers of Russia (Moscow takes the first place, and the Republic of Tatarstan takes the third place). The creation of technologically advanced world-class production facilities is a priority area of ​​urban policy.

More than 10% of the country's scientific potential is concentrated in the Northern capital, which comprises over 350 scientific institutes of organizations.

One of the main strategic resources of St. Petersburg is a large number of highly educated and qualified specialists in all sectors of the economy.

There is a lot of work to establish interaction and create a favorable investment climate. The government of St. Petersburg is open for dialogue.


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