Irkutsk Region

Governor of Irkutsk Region: Kobzev Igor Ivanovich

Registered address: 1A, Lenin street, Irkutsk 664027 Russia

Mailing address: 1A, Lenin street, Irkutsk 664027 Russia

Phone: +7 (3952) 24-17-37

Fax: +7 (3952) 24-17-73



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Irkutsk region is a powerful industrial region with rich cultural traditions and a developed scientific infrastructure.

According to analysts, the Irkutsk region currently demonstrates a focus on reducing costs, maintains a moderate level of debt, and has a well-diversified economy with high long-term growth potential.

The capital of the region is Irkutsk with a population of 579.3 thousand people. The population of the region is 2503.6 thousand people.

The Angara region is one of the richest regions in Russia in terms of natural resource potential. The region has the largest forest reserves in the country – 11%, gold-10%, oil and gas-7%, and coal-7%. Based on the resource potential, a powerful industrial base has been formed in the region. The region produces 53% of Russia's output of synthetic resins and plastics, 45% PVC, 34% of aluminium, 30% cellulose, 10% oil, 6% of energy. A distinctive feature of the Angara region from other regions of Russia is a large resource and low cost of electricity. Power plants located on the territory of the region can generate more than 60 thousand GWh of electricity annually.

Irkutsk region has unique forest resources. The forested land covers 63 million hectares. In terms of forest resources, the Irkutsk region ranks 3rd among the regions of Russia, which make up 9.0 billion cubic meters (12% of Russia's reserves).

Prospects for tourism development in the Irkutsk region are linked to plans to create a special economic zone of tourist and recreational type near lake Baikal in the slyudyansky district. For the Irkutsk region, the tourist and recreational zone is, first of all, a highly effective point of economic growth, which will become a catalyst for the development of the tourism business.

Attracting investment to the regional economy and implementing investment projects in the region is a priority for the government of the Irkutsk region.

We are ready to offer potential investors a variety of areas for cooperation.


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