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General Director: Dmitri Nikolaevich Mezentsev

Registered address: 39th km of the Vladivostok-Nakhodka Federal Highway, Shkotovo Township, Shkotovsky District, Primorsky Krai, 692815, Russian Federation

Mailing address: 39th km of the Vladivostok-Nakhodka Federal Highway, Shkotovo Township, Shkotovsky District, Primorsky Krai, 692815, Russian Federation

Contact person: Dmitri Nikolaevich Mezentsev

Phone: +7 (924) 124-17-17; +7 (914) 700-65-23

Fax: + 7 (42335) 3-11-35



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The Primorsky Safari-Park offers two exciting excursions:


Tiger Park

The first Tiger Park is the size of a soccer field: it spans a swath of forestland measuring 130 meters in length and 50 meters in width. The perimeter of the first Tiger Park runs approximately 350 meters. The perimeter of the second Tiger Park – about 220 meters. The perimeter of the third Tiger Park – roughly 105 meters. The grounds here are freely roamed by 3 tigers (Amur, Taiga and Ussuri). Visitors are guaranteed TO SEE TIGERS FROM THE FOOTBRIDGE – WITHOUT FENCING – RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES (a separate park features the tiger cub Shere Khan and the dog Tabaqui).

Hoofed-Animal Park

For our hoofed-animals, roughly five hectares of forest have been enclosed. There are actually 3 Parks (one winter and two summer). The animals are driven from Park to Park to allow the vegetation to grow back and to maintain the beauty of the natural landscape.

The grounds are freely roamed by 6 species of wild hoofed-animals native to Primorsky Krai, as well as by domesticated rabbits.

Leopard Park

The Park runs 150 meters in length and roughly 40 meters in width. The perimeter of the Leopard Park is lined by a six-meter-high footbridge, from whose elevated vantage point visitors can observe leopards as they are in nature – without fencing, right before their eyes.

The Leopard Park is magnificently landscaped: a steep, rocky, south-facing hill with a natural shelter-lair for the breeding and rearing of leopard cubs, lots of trees, and flat stretches as well. The observation bridge is flanked by picturesque cliffs, and the Sea of Japan can be seen in the distance.

The Park is currently inhabited by a single leopard. In the near future, the Safari-Park is expected to welcome a second leopard – a Far Eastern female.

Himalayan Bear Park

The Himalayan Bear Park is situated next to the Leopard Park. Visitors can observe the bears from the footbridge, while also enjoying the view of the leopard and tigers. The Park is built on a beautiful south-facing mountain hill. The lower part of the Park is flat and features a summer pool for the bears’ enjoyment, while the upper part is a steep, rocky slope with striking, jagged cliffsides.

The Park is inhabited by two Himalayans – Chuk and Nastya, as well as by a couple of badgers: Nastya and Boris.


Uncaged animals: 9 species of carnivores and 17 bird species

Carnivore Park – an enclosed section of the forest where various species are held together.

Visitors are nearby, observing the animals without fencing right in front of their eyes. The animals can be photographed, but not fed or touched. The rambunctious Himalayan bear cubs are very popular watching among Park guests.

Bird Park

17 species of birds of prey live in two outsized aviaries. White-tailed eagles and a number of other birds soar over the heads of visitors.

The Park has become a refuge for struggling birds who are unable to survive on their own in the wild.

Birds who have fully recovered are released back into the wild.


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