FSBI "State Reserve "Shulgan-Tash"

Director: Kosarev Mikhail Nikolaevich

Registered address: St. Zapovednaya d. 14, Village of Irgizly, Burzyansky district, Republic of Bashkortostan 453585 Russia

Mailing address: St. Zapovednaya d. 14, Village of Irgizly, Burzyansky district, Republic of Bashkortostan 453585 Russia

Phone: +7 (34755) 3-37-21, 3-35-75

Fax: +7 (34755) 3-37-10

E-mail: info@shulgan-tash.ru

Website: shulgan-tash.ru

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        The Shulgan-Tash State Biosphere Reserve is located in the western foothills of the Southern Urals, in the Burzyansky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

     It was founded in 1958 as the Pribelsky branch of the Bashkir Reserve, and since 1986 it has been an independent institution. Area - 22531 ha. A conservation, research, environmental and educational institution of federal significance and part of the core of the UNESCO Bashkir Ural integrated biosphere reserve. Special areas of activity are the preservation and study of the Burzyansky bee bee in the conditions of ancient folk craft - beekeeping, a unique monument of nature, culture and archeology - the Shulgan-Tash (Kapova) cave with rock paintings of the Paleolithic era.

     The low-mountain landscapes of the reserve are represented by mixed and deciduous forests (93%), fragments of mountain steppes and meadows. There are 869 species of higher plants in the flora, 10% of them are rare, endemic and relict. Of special conservation value are relict spruce and linden forests. The fauna numbers 302 species of vertebrates: 61 taxa of mammals, 202 - birds, 4 - amphibians, 6 - reptiles, 29 - fish, 1762 - invertebrates.

     Shulgan-Tash Cave (Kapova) is considered the center of the origin of art in Eastern Europe. Such ancient drawings (age - 14-17 thousand years) until 1959 were known only in the caves of Spain and France. Currently, about 200 drawings are described, among which there are many abstract signs. The famous Bashkir epics “Ural Batyr” and “Akbuzat” are connected with the cave.

     “Shulgan-Tash” is the only reserve in the world protecting indigenous honey bees. Bees are kept in natural and artificial hollows (boards and decks), in frame hives in apiaries. Fragrant and healing onboard honey in 2012 was recognized as a laureate of the competition "100 best goods of Russia". The reserve successfully organizes honey tours in order to develop agricultural tourism and to avoid the spread of falsification of onboard honey.

     Since 1992, a museum-excursion complex has been constantly operating in the reserve, annually hosting tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are cave museums, pilgrimage, the Playground "Ancestral Parking", a well apiary, observation decks, a phytobar, and a gift shop. A virtual 3D tour of the Kapova Cave is on display at the cave museum and on the official website. A mass visit to the speleocomplex in order to preserve unique patterns is limited to a variable microclimate zone, where copies of ancient frescoes are shown.


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