Federal State Budgetary Organization «V. Peskov Voronezhsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve»

Director: Tarasov Anatoly Alekseevich

Registered address: Goszapovednik Central estate, Voronezh, 394080, Russia

Mailing address: Goszapovednik Central estate, Voronezh, 394080, Russia

Contact person: Zvereva Evgenia Aleksandrovna

Phone: +7 (473) 259-45-60; 259-45-49

Fax: +7 (473) 259-45-60

E-mail: zapovednikvrn@mail.ru

Website: http://zapovednik-vrn.ru/en/

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Voronezh reserve is one of the oldest reserves in Russia. It has preserved the unique nature of Usman forest, one of the most beautiful island forests of the European part of Russia.

Initially, the purpose of the reserve (1923) was the protection of a small population of river beaver, which at that time was on the verge of extinction, and since 1927 the purpose of its work was the protection and study of all natural complexes and objects located on the territory of the Usman forest.

The area of the reserve is 31053 hectares. around its territory there is a protected area of 7912 hectares with a limited mode of nature use.

On February 15, 1985, the Voronezh reserve was granted the status of a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Since 2009, the Voronezh reserve has been protecting the state nature reserves of Federal significance "Voronezh "and" Stone steppe", as well as carrying out measures to preserve biological diversity in these areas.

The main objectives of the reserve at the present stage are:

  • implementation of protection of the territory of the reserve and reserves from all types of violations in order to preserve biodiversity and maintain protected natural complexes and objects in a natural state;
  • organization and conduct of scientific research, including the maintenance Of the chronicle of nature;
  • implementation of environmental monitoring;
  • environmental education.


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