Berdnikova Lidiya Votifantievna

Full name: Berdnikova Lidiya Vonifantievna

Registered address: 628462, KhMAO-Yugra, Raduzhny, 4 mkr., house 15, kv 71

Mailing address: 628462, KhMAO-Yugra, Raduzhny, 4 mkr., house 15, kv 71

Contact person: Berdnikova Lidiya Vonifantievna

Phone: +7 (982) 156-25-34


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Berdnikova Lidiya Votifantievna, was born in Korkino, Chelyabinsk region.

Education: secondary specialized, operating nurse, nurse in the profile "nursing".

She studied at the "Professional Medical Association of Folk Healers of Russia" in Yekaterinburg, specializing in enioengineer.

Over 25 years of work, I have accumulated a lot of experience. Secrets and knowledge inherited from ancestors help to achieve high results in work.

Here is what the healer tells about herself: "I had good teachers – doctors. I was always lucky, because I worked in friendly teams, with competent doctors. In the Urals, in the Krasnodar Territory, in Raduzhny, I was surrounded by people who loved and were proud of their extraordinary profession. I still remember how in the Krasnodar Territory I worked as an operating nurse in a regional hospital with a surgeon Saidov Said Abduragimovich, in Raduzhny with smart competent doctors Averin Boris Dmitrievich and Gerasyutin Alexander Grigorievich. We all love and appreciate our profession as a medical worker. The work experience and knowledge gained in those years, I still apply in my daily work with people.

The secrets of working with herbs, clay and wax were handed down to me by my aunt Maria Ivanovna Khramtsova, during her life she helped and saved many people. For her wise advice, I bow low to her and thank her..."

He is engaged in: clay treatment, wax therapy, herbal medicine, hirudotherapy, therapeutic massage and treatment with the help of prayers. Has a long (more than 25 years) work experience with clay therapy, wax therapy, hirudotherapy, herbal medicine, therapeutic massage and treatment with the help of prayers. Treatment with clay and prayers, therapeutic massage are inherited, which ensures a high result of her work.

He is also engaged in the treatment of chronic joint diseases, hernias of various etiologies with a subsequent positive result.

Thanks to her work, many wounds of varying severity were cured, which could lead to amputation of limbs.


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Премия Рунета - 2022

«А главное все-таки: люби, люби и люби свое отечество. Ибо любовь эта даст тебе силу, и все остальное без труда совершишь.»

Салтыков-Щедрин М.Е.


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