Davletov Marsel Rafaelevich

Full Name: Davletov Marsel Rafaelevich

Registered address: apt. 191, d.203, Mendeleev st., Ufa, Bashkortostan 450071 Russia

Mailing address: apt. 191, d.203, Mendeleev st., Ufa, Bashkortostan 450071 Russia

Phone: +7 (347) 248-52-80, (917) 343-35-16

Fax: +7 (347) 248-52-80

E-mail: davletov555@gmail.com

Website: mdavletov.ucoz.ru

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The songs that Marcel Davletov offers to his audience are strikingly different from the work of his colleagues in the shop. None of them, with very few exceptions, has a single slang word. The author does not welcome "thieves' Argo " at all, but it creates an amazing sense of his honesty and knowledge of the material. Marcel Davletov's work is the quintessence of suffering already experienced, years of reflection and the desire to forget what should not be in a person's life.

Marcel is constantly developing in his work. If you track his philosophical thoughts through the songs, then his business card "Between heaven and earth" is now perceived as a certain stage of separation from "mother's Letter", from the standard criminal chanson. The author does not bind himself to the genre in any way and turns each new song into a human confession. His subsequent songs "Cranes", "Snowflakes", "Childhood", with rich musical arrangements, are already highly professional musical canvases. The song "Fallen angel" can really become an intellectual decoration of any musical event. If you love chanson and think that it is the best musical genre, then you should definitely listen to songs performed by Marcel Davletov. This new talent has recently appeared on the scene, but has already managed to win fame and find its fans. It was the opening of the autumn music season 2010, his songs won the hearts of many listeners, and to date, this artist has already released a solo CD with his own songs. All his songs are written with such talent and skill that he does not need such techniques, which are typical for most chanson performers. Mother, children, family, love-this is the main meaning of Marcel's songs, in which he himself sees the main value and support in human life.

How to invite Marcel Davletov to your celebration, there is nothing complicated in this, just contact and find out the conditions by email or phone, you can also find out the rider, that is, the special conditions under which this artist will perform with you, for some it is negotiated separately.

For fans of high-quality chanson songs and their performance like no other, Marcel Davletov is suitable. With his performance, Marcel Davletov will decorate any evening, make it unforgettable, and also pleasantly surprise not only you, but all your guests. In addition, the invitation of such an artist to your celebration is a great opportunity to show your real taste and declare yourself as a connoisseur of high-quality and professional chanson. Marcel Davletov, with his solo performance, will create a pleasant and light atmosphere for any event, whether it is a corporate event, anniversary, concert or a significant date of any level.


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Премия Рунета - 2022

«А главное все-таки: люби, люби и люби свое отечество. Ибо любовь эта даст тебе силу, и все остальное без труда совершишь.»

Салтыков-Щедрин М.Е.


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