Vasily Pavlovich Goch

Full Name: Vasily Pavlovich Goch

Registered address: 5 Skalistaya St., Rezervnoye village, Sevastopol, 299811, Russia

Mailing address: 5 Skalistaya St., Rezervnoye village, Sevastopol, 299811, Russia

Contact person: Aleksandr Dmitriyevich Kostyukov

Phone: + 7 (978) 745-28-03



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Vasily Pavlovich Goch is the scientific leader of the School of Causality, Dr. of Biology and Technical Science, Dr. of Science and Modern Linguistics, Professor of Linguistics, Honorary Professor of International University, Vienna, Honorary Doctor of International University of French-Speakers (Brussels – Geneva) and active member of eight academies of science.

He is the author of 534 scientific papers, including 114 monographs on the Theory of Causality, physics and chronology of Time, philosophy, eniobiology, mathematics, philology and linguistics, as well as on the theory of business, published in ten languages. He is the editor-in-chief of a collection of works of the School of Causality. Since 2000, he has been the advisor to the defense of 31 doctoral and 52 candidate dissertations.

He has been awarded: 9 Grand Prix, 257 Gold, 65 Silver and 44 Bronze Medals and 68 Special Prizes at 117 International Exhibitions of Innovations, Research and New Technologies; Gold Medal from Bauman Moscow State Technical University “For Outstanding Achievements in Invention, Science and Technology” (Moscow, 2008); Highest Order of public recognition, “Honorary Citizen of Russia” (All-Russian Committee on Public Awards and Titles, 2016), Winner of the First International Competition “Professional Health” (St. Petersburg, 2007). Two-time winner of the All-Russian Center (Moscow, 2004). Winner of international prizes: “Unity and Success” (Moscow, 2016); “Height of Success” (Moscow, 2017).

V.P. Goch developed the Theory of Causality, studied the properties of space-time and human interaction with the surrounding world through analysis of the cause-consequence links (CCL). The use of this theory permitted the factor of spiritual development to be introduced into biotechnology and positive results to be achieved in different spheres of human activity, including ecology, medicine, agrotechnology, business, etc. The algorithms, developed by V.P. Goch, allow escape from the infinite chain of cause and consequences to the specific reason for a phenomenon and altering of its descriptive contents, thus changing the consequence. The Theory of Causality demonstrates theoretically and proves in practice the dependence of all material processes on their informational component, which, in turn, depends on human consciousness and the pattern of human thinking. The main task of V.P. Goch’s activity is to help man to escape from the inevitability of events by arousing his spirit, discover his Path and enter into Co-Creativity with the Universe as a creative person recognizing his mission.


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«А главное все-таки: люби, люби и люби свое отечество. Ибо любовь эта даст тебе силу, и все остальное без труда совершишь.»

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