Khloptseva Valentina Sergeevna

Full Name: Khloptseva Valentina Sergeevna

Mailing address: 84 apt. 5 Garazhny lane, Nizhny Novgorod, 603089, Russia

Phone: +7 (910) 392-53-41



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Khloptseva Valentina Sergeevna:

  • Professor of Traditional Medicine, PhD in Medicine (Traditional Medicine);
  • Honored Healer of Russia;
  • Member of the International Professional Association of Complementary and Traditional Medicine Specialists, Psychologists and Healers;
  • Member of the International Committee of the Red Cross (UK);
  • Member of the Russian Professional Association of Specialists of Traditional and Folk Medicine;
  • Member of the International Society of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (Latvia);
  • Included in the book "100 Best Healers in Russia";
  • Specialist of the Highest Category;
  • On December 22, 2019, at the XXI International Baltic Christmas Summit (Riga), the certificate "Family Doctor" was awarded;
  • Founder of the health center for youth "Valentina Khloptseva".

Education: Higher economic and psychological, secondary special (medical).

She graduated from the International School of Practical Healing, received initiation in India for the Master's Star Master, Grand Master of Reiki of the Highest Initiation.

She was trained in the methods of Nama Ba Hala (with a dedication to teaching healing techniques).

She is the holder of 15 international diplomas and 11 certificates in the field of massage technologies and cosmetology.

By the decision of the central expert-qualification commission, she was recognized as “The best healer of 2016 in the direction of Spiritual healing”.

A folk spiritual healer-practitioner (more than 28 years of experience), who has received numerous initiations for activities.

Has the blessing of the Patriarchate of the Russian True Orthodox Church for healing activities. Inscribed on the gold plaque in the Cathedral of. Alexander Nevsky, Nizhny-Novgorod.

In her activities she uses prayer therapy, cosmetology, massage (including chiroplastic, sculptural-deep-woven).

She conducts sessions and rituals for rejuvenation according to his own author's design. Prepares brides for the wedding. Rituals and conspiracies for youth and beauty.

Works with financial flows. Removing financial spoilage, attracting customers and business success.

Relief from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, fear, anxiety, depression.

Healing training. She conducts training in all techniques of body and face massage, including a unique, in-demand, sculptural deep-tissue massage using stem cells at the energy level. The overall effect of the procedure is comparable to the effect of a Botox injection or facelift plastic surgery.

She has about 30 disciple who are successfully implemented (the field of healing activity) in various cities of the country and abroad.

And this is just a small part of what Valentina does. Do not be afraid to ask for help, for there is no sin in the fact that your life will be illuminated with goodness and happiness.


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