Kuznetsova Natalia Yurievna

Full Name: Kuznetsova Natalia Yurievna

Registered address: 17 apartment 33 Litvinova str., Penza, 440015, Russia

Mailing address: 17 apartment 33 Litvinova str., Penza, 440015, Russia

Phone: +7 (903) 323-66-51

E-mail: Kuznetcova-n@mail.ru

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Residents of Penza do not have a problem choosing a psychologist when solving personal problems. People are well aware of the reliability of Natalia Kuznetsova's psychological assistance due to various but complementary factors. Natalia is a graduate of the faculty of psychology of the Penza state pedagogical University named after V. G. Belinsky.

Inexhaustible topics of questions that people turn to Natalia Yurievna: how to adapt a first-grader to the educational process? How to learn to objectively assess life situations? N. Y. Kuznetsova helps everyone who comes to her appointment to find the only (hidden or lost by them) optimal and correct path in the maze of feelings, thoughts and actions. Over the years of practice, summarizing her own experience and analyzing the situations encountered, Natalia Yurievna identified the main — in fact, comprehensive-areas of her activity: General, family, educational and humanitarian psychology, psychology of religion (faith), psychological counseling, and psychocorrection. A lot of time is spent working with children and dysfunctional families.

Together with a well-known psychologist in the Volga region, candidate of pedagogical Sciences S. V. Saratovsky, whom she considers her mentor, Natalia Yurievna developed a concept that allows a new look at the formation of a particular person's personality depending on the relationship in the family. Continuing professional development, N. Y. Kuznetsova is studying at the theological (secular equivalent of theological education) faculty of the Modern Institute of management.

Nothing is more convincing in the reliability of the work performed by a person than the interweaving of professional interests with Hobbies. This interweaving is clearly expressed in Natalia Yurievna. Her Hobbies include studying educational psychology, cultural studies, Russian and foreign history, genealogy, Ethnography, and retro design. Constantly acquiring new knowledge in these areas helps N. Y. Kuznetsova find answers to the most unexpected questions of her clients.

Natalia participates in charity projects: her special care has been the publication of local history literature and financial assistance to parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Mutual openness and trust in communication with clients crown the list of factors of reliability of psychological assistance provided by Natalia Yurievna, and together with them distinguish her company from all those present on the market of psychological services. And whatever new questions life asks people, they will find answers to them from the psychologist Natalia Kuznetsova.


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