Prudnikov Sergey Vasilyevich

Full Name: Prudnikov Sergey Vasilyevich

Registered address: 2 of. 1 Kalinina str., Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region, 666784, Russia

Mailing address: 2 of. 1 Kalinina str., Ust-Kut, Irkutsk region, 666784, Russia

Phone: +7 (39565) 5-13-58

Fax: +7 (39565) 5-45-35


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Sergey Vasilyevich Prudnikov is a natural Siberian. Born on April 5, 1959. Parents-Vasily prokopyevich and Maria Sergeevna. Sergey, the youngest in the family, studied well. After school, he went to work at a factory, while studying at a radio school, which he graduated with honors. The specialty was useful in the service in the army, in the communication center of the border guard, where he repeatedly distinguished himself in military exercises as a specialist in high-speed radio transmission. After demobilization, he entered the Novosibirsk electrotechnical Institute of communications named after N. D. Psurtsev, at the faculty of radio communications and broadcasting. During his student years, Sergey's leadership qualities were manifested – he was a Komsomol leader, a construction team commander. After graduating with an excellent degree in 1984, he went to work for BAM. He started working at the Bratsk radiotelevision transmitting center, but six months later he became the head of the VHF shop of the Bratsk rtpc in Ust-Kut.

In 1992, Sergey Vasilyevich organized his own company in the telecommunications sector. In 2004, he created and headed the company "JV company", which began to provide fuel to hard-to-reach areas of the country from the Urals to Vladivostok. In 2007, he headed and confidently led two companies - JV TRANS company and transport and construction company Impulse-through the turbulent waves of the market.

The supply of petroleum products to the Far North is a task of national importance. Hence the mission of the companies headed by Prudnikov. Sectors of responsibility – the North of the Irkutsk region, a number of districts of Yakutia and the Krasnoyarsk territory.

Effective activity and real contribution to the development of regions were noted at all-Russian competitions. The company won the award in the categories "Best company 2010" and "leader of modernization 2010". In 2011, the company won the annual international awards "Best taxpayer of the year - 2011" and "Elite of the national economy - 2011". S. V. Prudnikov was recognized as the best entrepreneur of 2011. Awarded the order "Hero of labor" of the New Russia, the order "star of the patron", "Power", "Ruby cross", the medal "in the name of life on earth".

Sergey Vasilyevich is not only a talented entrepreneur, but also a man of rare nobility, known for a wide range of charitable activities. For many years, it supports children's institutions in Ust-Kut, youth sports tournaments and educational projects. The company is a social partner of the International charity program "For the sake of life on earth". The international Academy of patronage and the international club of philanthropists and patrons of Europe named S. V. Prudnikov their full member.

People like Prudnikov are working to transform Russia. His credo is to always remain a person: honest, decent, open to people and good deeds.


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