LLC «Avtom-2»

Director: Carrier Evgeny Nikolaevich

Registered address: 15g, st. Latnenskaya, Voronezh, 394040, Russia

Mailing address: 15g, st. Latnenskaya, Voronezh, 394040, Russia

Contact person: Ressler Konstantin Vitalievich

Phone: +7 (4732) 30-20-02

Fax: +7 (4732) 43-88-80



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Avtom-2 LLC is a manufacturer of specialized tools for car services, private and industrial use. Tool trademark with a wide range, excellent tool quality and affordable prices.

The Avtom-2 trademark is known to Russian customers since 1990.

The company is a regular partner of professional car service stations and other organizations specializing in vehicle repair. Many years of experience in this field, the use of modern equipment and high qualifications of personnel and tight control of all products are the secret of our successful work and the guarantee of the quality of our car tools.

The main activities are: a tool for bodywork, a tool for repairing engines of cars, a tool for repairing the chassis, a universal tool. Cap heads (from x8 head to x85 head), body elements for passenger car repair, chassis tuning.

Application of new technological approaches in the production process and continuous quality control of finished products allows us to produce more than 250 items. Having a network of regional representatives in Russia, we are able to keep in touch with customers, study demand and introduce new products. We try to make the products of our company reliable and of high quality.

With a production area of 2500 sq. m., we have fully mastered the product range of end heads 1/2 inch from head x8 to head X22, 3/4 inch from head x17 to head X65, 1 inch from head X30 to head X85, head under the "scrap" from x17 to X65.

The heads are made of high quality steel. The most famous are the keys for repairing the brake system of all brands of cars. No car brake system repair is complete without such a tool.

The employees of our company are highly qualified specialists who ensure the release of high quality products on modern equipment.


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