General manager: Konyushev Oleg Vladimirovich

Registered address: 28, Leningradskaya street, Khabarovsk, 680013, Russia

Mailing address: 28, Leningradskaya street, Khabarovsk, 680013, Russia

Contact person: Mahina Anastasia Aleksandrovna

Phone: +7 (4212) 381-439

Fax: +7 (4212) 381-500

E-mail: omi@dalenergomash.ru

Website: http://dalenergomash.ru/en

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PJSC DALENERGOMASH is one of the largest industrial enterprises of the Russian Far East, thanks to the use of modern industrial technologies and a progressive approach to the organization of production. The quality of products is confirmed by dozens of Russian and international awards, consumer reviews, and most importantly – time. Machines and units manufactured at the plant work in almost all industries and in all regions of Russia, as well as abroad. Many samples of products have no analogues in the domestic industry. Among the regular customers are leading enterprises of Russia, CIS and foreign Countries. As a part of plant own design and technological divisions which are engaged in development and improvement of products. In recent years, the plant has mastered a number of new products, including non-core, in demand in the market.

The plant consists of 5 main shops, including two mechanical Assembly, General Assembly shop, tool shop, test benches of compressor, turbine and ventilation equipment, several testing and measuring laboratories. In the structure of the enterprise there are large repair, construction, transport and support units.

Today the plant has the following types of production: mechanical, heat treatment of metals and alloys, mechanical Assembly, forging, welding, electroplating, painting. The production capacity of the plant allows to produce almost all types of processing of metals and alloys, to produce rubber products, products made of composite materials.

The basis of the production activity of the plant is accurate and timely execution of customer requests. Efficiency and thorough study of each element of the production process are guaranteed by the quality control system in force at the enterprise, corresponding to the international standard ISO 9001, and confirmed by the certificate "IQNet", recognized in more than 30 countries of the world. High technical requirements for the production of power machines, cause the use of high-precision imported equipment at the enterprise. Specialists, production base and machine Park of the plant allow to fulfill any orders of consumers qualitatively and in due time, including to render industrial services and to make non-standardized products.

Let out production:
Pumps, smoke exhausters, fans
Capacitive equipment, metal structures
Automatic control system
Equipment for gas stations
Modular building
Lighting supports
Polymer products

Technological capability:
Mechanical Assembly production
Mechanical treatment
Metal cutting
Metallurgical production
Welding production
Polymer production
Galvanic production
Quality control

We are always open for creative and mutually beneficial cooperation.


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