LLC «City management company «REU-6»

General manager: Bulynin Valery Borisovich

Registered address: 55, ul. Embankment of the Magadanka river, Magadan, 685031, Russia

Mailing address: 55, ul. Embankment of the Magadanka river, Magadan, 685031, Russia

Contact person: Svetlana Litvinenko

Phone: +7 (4132) 619-787

Fax: +7 (4132) 619-787



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LLC GUK REU-6 works in the city of Magadan since 07.07.2008. At the service of the management company is more than 50 houses with a total area of apartments of about 200 thousand square meters, which are home to more than 7 thousand residents of Magadan.

The limited liability company "city management company "REU-6", is created according to the Civil code of the Russian Federation and the Federal law of the Russian Federation "About limited liability companies" and builds the activity on the basis of the Charter and the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The company was registered in the Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal tax service of Russia No. 1 in the Magadan region on 07.07.2008 under the main state registration number 1084910002000.

The main activity of LLC "GUK "REU-6" is the management of real estate, including:

  • Real estate (management)
  • Housing stock (operation and management)
  • Non-residential Fund and land plots (operation and management)
  • Real estate (accounting and technical inventory, land cadastre)
  • Civil works
  • Specialized construction works
  • Installation of metal building structures
  • Electrical work
  • Sanitary-technical works
  • Plaster works
  • Carpentry and carpentry
  • Wall cladding, floor coverings
  • Glass and painting works
  • Glass works
  • Painting
  • Other finishing and finishing works
  • Road transport (auxiliary activities)

Since 01.02.2011 the General Director of the company is Bulynin Valery Borisovich, who during his leadership was awarded numerous awards and commendations. In may 2016, he was elected Chairman of the Public chamber of the city of Magadan by an overwhelming majority of votes.


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