General manager: Filchakov Philip Andreevich

Registered address: 2/3, Pogodinskaya str., Moscow, 119121, Russia

Mailing address: 18, Frunzenskaya embankment, Moscow, 119435, Russia

Contact person: Filchakov Philip Andreevich

Phone: +7 (499) 340-60-59

Fax: +7 (499) 340-60-59



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The Association of Russian-Chinese economic cooperation (ARCES) is a company that provides services for the placement of production of goods in China, search for goods, quality control, representation of Russian companies in China.

Since 2009, ARKES has been supporting and developing trade relations between Russia and China. Many Russian companies need professional assistance in finding a suitable supplier in China, discussing aspects of cooperation and contract terms, checking the production of finished products, customs clearance and delivery, quality control and after-sales support.

Company structure.

The Association of Russian-Chinese Economic Cooperation is represented by the following two main divisions:

LLC ARKES-Russia, Moscow.

The head office of the company is responsible for working with Russian clients, as well as for solving complex issues of customs clearance and delivery of goods from China.

Taian Haolu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd-China, Shandong, Taian.

The Chinese representative office is responsible for working with suppliers in China, product market research and product quality control.

Render services:

Discussion with Chinese manufacturers of contract details, prices and terms of placing an order in production.

Tracking of order placement.

Inspection of the factory or manufacturer's factory, quality control of raw materials and finished products.

Research on the Chinese market.

Customs clearance and delivery of goods from China.

Principles of work and goals of ARCES.

Our company considers its main task to level the difficulties in economic cooperation between Russia and China and to expand relations between two culturally different and at the same time inherently friendly countries.

ARKES is pleased to offer its services as a representative of Your interests in China and is always open to new proposals for cooperation.


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