GAUC JSC «Astrakhan state Philharmonic society»

Director: Chernyakova Valentina Vladimirovna

Registered address: 3, street of Young Guards, Astrakhan, 414000, Russia

Mailing address: 3, street of Young Guards, Astrakhan, 414000, Russia

Contact person: Davydova Anna Vladimirovna

Phone: +7 (8512) 51-46-52

Fax: +7 (8512) 51-35-67


Website: филармония-астраханская.рф

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Music is the most beautiful and universal language in the world. It unites people regardless of their age and nationality, it awakens the best feelings in the soul. The Astrakhan state Philharmonic offers music for the widest audience, for all ages and for every taste. The Philharmonic's creative team strives to constantly expand the cultural environment in the region and beyond, to promote the creative heritage of Russian and foreign classics, the best examples of folk, jazz, and pop music. The creative activity of our Philharmonic society should organically enter the cultural space of our country and integrate with the activities of regional and regional Philharmonic societies of the Russian Federation. The Philharmonic plans to organize large-scale creative projects – festivals, competitions, concerts, and creative meetings.

The Philharmonic are three of the orchestra. The Russian folk instruments Orchestra named after V. Makhov(conducted by E. Seredintseva ) and the chamber orchestra (artistic Director and chief conductor - honored artist of the Russian Federation Vladislav Belinsky) are well - deserved favorites of the audience. Collects full house of grateful listeners Philharmonic jazz orchestra (conductor - A. Nazaretov).

In addition to orchestras , chamber ensembles present their art with great success on the stage of the Philharmonic concert hall. The Skiff Quartet (artistic Director – honored artist of the Russian Federation A. Mostykanov), known and loved by the public both in Russia and abroad, always performs brilliantly. The ARS NOVA string Quartet (artistic Director - honored artist of the Russian Federation E. Belinskaya) and the Soul and heart ensemble(artistic Director – Yu. Elperin). Soloists - vocalists and instrumentalists Shine with bright performing colors: T. Vazhorova, O. Bochkareva, V. Babakhanyan, Honored artists of the Russian Federation B. Vanyushkin and T. Potapova, A. Zabelina and L. biletskaya, I. Mikhailov, R. Grachev, sh. Mirzoev, L. Perova, V. Sutygin, L. Kurtsberg, A. Davydova, M. Shcherbitsky.

Musicologists of the Philharmonic society conduct educational programs for a wide audience, and these are, first of all, "Sunday concerts for children and their parents" with the honored artist of the Russian Federation N. Dorofeeva, her cycle "both tailcoat and jeans" for young people and music programs that are held in the p. guaddin art gallery. Only the Philharmonic hall hosts a series of literary and musical programs "Become music, word". The synthesis of artistic words and poems combined with the best examples of classical music creates a special atmosphere and gives a sense of beauty and uniqueness of the art of the great classics. On a program of work for musicologists Yu Skripchenko and E. Medvedev, the master of eloquence Sergei Kichigin and creative group of soloists. These people, as well as the entire creative team of the Astrakhan state Philharmonic, give people the joy of contact with music. And everyone who comes to the concert hall. Maksakova, everyone who is able to love and appreciate, honor and admire sooner or later finds their way to the Temple of Art…

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